Virtual PBX or Hosted PBX technology provides small and medium sized businesses with a sophisticated telephone system without the investment in telephone equipment. In fact the entire telephone system is operated and maintained at our telecommunications and data center facility at 151 Front Street in Toronto.

The Hosted PBX lets employees work from their home, a hotel or on their cell phone while still being connected to the same office telephone system. Just like a fortune 500 telephone system, you can transfer callers, put them on hold with music, setup conference calls or have the phone answered by an automated attendant who can direct callers to different departments.


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With the CSE Hosted PBX service, all that your office needs is a Broadband Connection,
a Router, an Ethernet switch and IP Phones.
Our World Class Business Service starts by giving each user their own Direct Inward Dial telephone number enabled with all the traditional phone features which you'd expect of a business communications tool and provides all of the following:

  • Secure voice and data Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity between your offices;
  • An advanced virtual PBX which spans all of your offices;
  • Traditional local and long distance network services.
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